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GNU/Linux is quite possibly the most important free software achievement since the original Space War, or, more recently, Emacs. It has developed into an operating system for business, education, and personal productivity. GNU/Linux is no longer only for UNIX wizards who sit for hours in front of a glowing console. Are you thinking about switching to Linux and want to learn how to use it? Have you been using GNU/Linux for some time and want to learn even more? This is the place for you.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

For those who want to just test the water, there are Linux Live CD's that run your PC or Mac from the CD-ROM (no hard drive needed). Its a Linux distro that boots, loads, and runs without touching the hard disk. And whats nice is that they are free to down load or cheap to buy on CD. One is called Linspire Five-0-live. I keep a Linspire-live-Linux CD around as an emergency recovery disk, since I know it will boot a PC even if the hard disk is completely wiped out. Then there is Knoppix-Linux CD from . It plays DVD movies out the box. ( note: be sure to put live CDs in the ROM drive you dont watch DVDs on)It too will boot a PC even if the hard disk is completely wiped out. Last but not least, ubuntu-live from is a good choice as well and what makes ubuntu stand out is the fact they have a live CD that will run on Macs.


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