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GNU/Linux is quite possibly the most important free software achievement since the original Space War, or, more recently, Emacs. It has developed into an operating system for business, education, and personal productivity. GNU/Linux is no longer only for UNIX wizards who sit for hours in front of a glowing console. Are you thinking about switching to Linux and want to learn how to use it? Have you been using GNU/Linux for some time and want to learn even more? This is the place for you.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Native Gnu/Linux Software

Are you thinking of making the move to GNU/Linux?

Yes, Linux does have a history of being a command line OS (Operating System), but that is old news people. At this point you can still do a lot in a command console, but it's rarely necessary anymore in todays GNU/Linux desktop world. GNU/Linux is generally faster for a given set of hardware specifications. Linux is well known for its amazing reliability...GNU/Linux reduces the need to upgrade or replace hardware when upgrading to newer versions. This is because its code is very efficient and compact. This is due to greater optimization of the source code, including far less code bloat., thus allowing it to work effectively on older computers that are not suitable for the newest versions of Microsoft Windows. People use computers for applications, not the OS. Some people need professional design apps that have real color profiles for high end printing for example, for another there is no video editing program even in the ballpark of Final Cut Pro Adobe After Effects, and no real match for the visual web design ease of Dreamweaver. An OS is only as good as its ISVs (Independent software vendors).

I have a list of the first 31 Linux native programs I fine very useful in a None Windows & Mac OSX world. Im not saying their the most important, only that they or the most useful for me. Many of these programs come in deb. or rpm. installation packages. However many GNU systems have most of these free programs pre installed. Note: Pixel image editor & Nero linux cost money.

30. NDISWrapper (A driver wrapper that allows you to use Windows driver for wireless network cards)

29. BitTorrent (client)
Torrent is a protocol designed for transferring files. It is peer-to-peer in nature, as users connect to each other directly to send and receive portions of the file. However, there is a central server (called a tracker) which coordinates the action of all such peers. In most of these networks, ordinary Internet users trade files by directly connecting one-to-one. The advantage here is that files can be shared without having access to a proper server, and because of this there is little accountability for the contents of the files. Hence, these networks tend to be very popular for illicit files such as music, movies, pirated software, etc. Typically, a downloader receives a file from a single source, however the newest version of some clients allow downloading a single file from multiple sources for higher speeds.

28. FoxyTunes (plugin for Firefox)

Do you listen to Music while surfing the Web? FoxyTunes lets you control almost any media player and find lyrics, covers, videos, bios and much more with a click right from your browser.

27. RealPlayer

The Player supports RealAudio, RealVideo 10, MP3, Ogg Vorbis and Theora, H263, AAC and etc.

26. Songbird

It uses GStreamer to play audio files and for other platforms it uses VLC plugin for playing audio files and supports a number of file formats including Ogg Vorbis , FLAC,Windows Media , and MP3 . It can also play some video files .Songbird can be used simultaneously for browsing Internet and listening music and you don't have to launch a new web browser or a media player to do so since it has Internet browser and media player built in it . One can search various music blog for information related to song you are playing also you can configure Songbird to get additional information about the Track you are playing from the Internet and show it simultaneously while you are playing the song .

25. Nero Linux

The new version of NeroLinux brings amazing features like Blu-Ray and HD DVD data recording support, but also an improved GUI (graphical user interface) that is similar to the one from Nero Burning ROM 7 edition.

24. Kopete

Like Gaim, Kopete is an instant messenger supporting AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, IRC, Novell GroupWise Messenger, Lotus SameTime, and more. Kopete is designed to be a flexible and extensible multi-protocol system suitable for personal and enterprise use.If you have a webcam and want to show yourself to the person you communicate with you can use it. Kopete has webcam support for MSN & Yahoo Messenger.

23. Exaile
is similar to Amarok. Like AmaroK, Exaile also includes a built in shoutcast directory browser and tabbed playlists. It's GTK+ based, so it runs more smoothly in GNOME.

22. Wine

Linux is a software framework that emulates the Microsoft Windows 98 , 2000 and XP. Wine does not require a copy of Microsoft Windows, as it is a completely free alternative implementation of the Windows API consisting of 100% non-Microsoft code, however Wine can optionally use native Windows DLLs if they are available.

21. Pixel image editor (formerly known as Pixel32)

Pixel is an RGB, CMYK and HDR image editing, photo retouching and manipulating program available for many operating systems formerly known as Pixel32. Pixel Image Editor includes many brushes, gradients, patterns, effect plugins, image import/export plugins (including animated GIFs).

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