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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What's coming in 2.6.30?

"A few days ago, Linus Torvalds released the seventh Linux 2.6.30 release candidate. According to Torvalds, most of the merged changes are minor, and the next big kernel version is nearing completion -- although Torvalds does still anticipate an eighth release candidate. The Kernel Log takes this opportunity to discuss what's new in the driver arena of Linux 2.6.30; the final version of the forthcoming kernel will probably be released in one to three weeks.

"Audio, video

"The audio drivers of Linux 2.6.30 will roughly be in line with the status of the ALSA 1.0.20 drivers. Aside from a driver for Atmel AC97 codecs and Xonar Essence STX support, this curiously also includes a new ISA driver for various sound cards of the Turtle Beach MultiSound series. The ASoC (ALSA System on Chip) framework and the HD audio drivers were also overhauled quite extensively. The latter now offer improved runtime reconfiguration via Sysfs (1, 2, 3). As in every new kernel version, the developers also considerably extended the white lists that allow hardware-specific adjustments ("quirks") to be made automatically -- see the list at the end of this article for details."

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