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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

SteamOS version 2.148

Valve has released SteamOS version 2.148.For those who don't Steam is their direct pipeline to customers. Steam guarantees instant access to more than  3,000 Linux game titles. Its a Debian GNU / Linux 8 "Jessie" based operating system for gamers.For security concerns related to the Meltdown and Specter vulnerabilities, SteamOS has received a kernel with Linux 4.14.13, which includes the latest published patches against the gaps in most of the CPUs sold over the past 15 years. There are also many minor changes and customizations for kernel 4.14.13.The packages firmware-free and were firmware-nonfreeupdated as well as the Broadcom Sta WLAN driver adjusted. Vulnerabilities were closed in Samba and Curl. The LLVM Toolchain 5.0 has been added to support the new Mesa version. The proprietary Nvidia driver is version number 387.22, while AMD Radeon and Intel GPUs use the Mesa 17.2.4 graphics stack. New video drivers are supported by the updated libraries libglvndand libdrmby the package glx-alternatives. With an update, the Xorg server now also supports the new library GL Vendor Neutral Dispatch. GLVND is a vendor-neutral level for mediating OpenGL API calls between multiple vendors.

Note: SteamOS is a version of GNU/Linux that is distributed by Valve. It contains proprietary software, including the Steam client itself and many proprietary drivers. Steam uses the "evil" Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) to impose restrictions on the software it distributes via the Steam store.

SteamOS also lets you stream games from the steam link or another PC in your house running Steam.  In-home streaming means a powerful host PC is doing all the heavy work by simply sending a video of what's on the screen to your SteamOS computer.  Steam recommends that you use a wired connection, which will reduce latency, but it can work over Wi-Fi but you just keep in mind you may notice some occasional graphical or input lag. Depending on what router you have and just how powerful the signal is around your home, you may be better off hooking up your PC to the Link via ethernet cabling. Any mouse and keyboard should work as long as any relevant drivers are installed on the host PC. As for controllers, it will definitely work with the official Steam Controller and the Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers, along with any other XInput controllers. The steam link is a tiny black box, not much bigger than a pack of playing cards, and it can steam games to a TV  at 1080p resolution, 60 frames per second. 

Note: There’s no Fallout 4, Battlefield 1, The Witcher 3 or Grand Theft Auto 5.There are over 7,000 titles on Steam for Windows, but only around 3,000 available for Linux.

Steam sales tend to run seasonally and you can generally expect a Steam Summer Sale, Steam Halloween Sale, Steam Autumn Sale and Steam Winter Sale. The Summer and Winter sales are the bigger ones. The next one will be the Lunar New Year Sale 2018 and will run from February 15th to 19th.

My Steam OS Box

CPU Intel Pentium G4560 (Kaby Lake), 2 Cores & 4 Threads, 3.5GHz
GPU GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1050 ti  GV-N105TD5-4GD 4GB
RAM HyperX Fury 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4 2400MHz DRAM
SOUND Onboard
NETWORK Onboard (wired gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac WiFi)
PSU EVGA 500 BQ, 80+ BRONZE 500W, Semi-Modular (110-BQ-0500-K1)
CASE Raven RVZ03 chassis
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