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Friday, April 27, 2018

Windows 10 Installation Settings Violate Local Laws, Say Brazil Prosecutors

Reporting by Brad Brooks and Aluísio Alves in Sao Paulo; Editing by Peter Cooney

© Thomson Reuters 2018

Federal prosecutors in Brazil asked a court on Wednesday to force Microsoft to change its default installation process for Windows 10, which they said violated several local laws by collecting user data without their "express consent."

Microsoft has faced criticism in the European Union and elsewhere about the installation settings of Windows 10 and users' apparent lack of control over the company's processing of their data.

Microsoft's press office in Brazil said in an emailed statement it was not officially notified about the prosecutors' lawsuit, so it could not comment on it. The company underscored that the protection of users' data was a top priority and said it was ready to clarify any questions prosecutors may have.


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