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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A review of Linspire Five-0

If you have an old system maybe Linspire Five-0 can help. Linspire is a full-featured operating system like Microsoft Windows XP or Apple Mac OSX. Linspire combines the power, stability and cost-savings of Linux with a familiar, easy-to-use desktop environment. I put Linspire on a system that was a Pentium 2 about 400 MHz with a gforce 2 64 mb video card and 128 mb of ram.
Installation asks three simple questions: Language; install type (full install or update); and where to do the installation (entire drive or advance where you pick the partition to install on).
I put the CD in the system until installation was complete; it was a total of 18 minutes, with the actual install being 10 minutes. After installation, the disc drive opened, I removed the CD and then hit enter. The drive door closed and the system rebooted. Everything just worked out of the box. Five-0 did a superior job of detecting and configuring the out dated hardware so that I didn't have to. It has everthing you need to run a old system.


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