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Sunday, October 02, 2005


BY Eric Bryant:
I have been into computers for a long time. I have learned a lot through trial an error. They are coming out with superior programs every day. Nevertheless for some reason the rate is getting higher. Some find themselves going to the "Knock Off" bazaars; others break themselves or do without. I have found that computers have made the world a healthier place. The PC has caused humankind to have critical reflections of ideas. Families stay in touch, friends share pictures from thousands of miles a way, and students’ research term papers, thanks to computer and Internet innovations. It seems a growing computer industry requires that people periodically get faster and more capable hardware to keep up with the advances the industry makes. Microsoft does not make it a priority to maintain backward- compatibility with older systems when it releases new operating systems. The other windows versions may have lower system requirements, however, MS has chosen not to maintain any thing less then XP, so all you Win 2000 fan boys out there take heed. Windows Vista is the future platform. If you own more than one PC you better have a big bank roll, for Microsoft only allows a single copy of Windows to be used on only one computer. Starting with Windows XP, they use software to enforce this rule (activation). For me personally, I don’t plan to go into debt or bootleg for any new O.S. innovations. The day will came when my Windows XP will not be supported, but then the Win 2000 fan boys already know the deal. Internet Explorer 7.0, the next version of Microsoft's Web browser, will be available for Windows XP (Home, Pro, MC), Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 and Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. (So Pre-XP fans your screwed). So get out your credit cards and finance applications and prepare for “Windows Vista”. And still suffer the same problems that plagued you in the past although this time you will shell out extra for it both in hardware and software.


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