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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Migrating from Microsoft Windows? Think Xandros.

The Xandros Deluxe Edition 3.0. is about as friendly as Linux gets. It is the ideal Linux distribution if you're migrating from Microsoft Windows. Xandros is based on the KDE desktop. It's an intuitive graphical environment that works right out of the box and offers unrivaled compatibility with Microsoft Windows. Xandros Desktop OS assures rock-solid stability and security, along with the freedom that an open environment provides. Xandros File Manager functions as a Windows Explorer clone that beats Windows Explorer at its own game, providing easy access to both local and network files, along with integrated CD (and now DVD) burning. Xandros's ability, fresh out of the box, to interact with file and print servers on a Windows network remains unparalleled among Linux distributions. Outstanding features:- Filter out Spam, block pop-up ads, and resist most spyware, viruses and worms - Browse the Web safely with Firefox and Mozilla browsers - Protect your data privacy with an encrypted file system and personal firewall wizard- Run Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and many other Windows programs - Get single-click access to a huge inventory of free Linux and softwareWhether you're at home or school you'll find that Xandros Desktop OS has just what you need to write, chat, draw, surf, talk, e-mail, listen, and play in Linux. And you can get it all under $100.00.

Xandros never charges for updates to otherwise free software, such as or the Mozilla communications suite.

Can't wait for the latest release of Xandros Desktop OS? Then the low-cost Premium Subscription plan is for you! As a premium subscriber to Xandros Networks you'll receive:

All the free updates and fixes provided by the Basic Subscription.
Access to the latest features and enhancements to Xandros Desktop OS as soon as they pass Quality Assurance.
Special discounts to third-party software certified to work with Xandros Desktop OS.
Guaranteed top discounts to future releases or upgrades of Xandros Desktop OS.
Note: works on very old systems, ie a "300 mhz CPU."


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