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Friday, October 21, 2005

Review: Balance 14.1" Laptop

Need a low cost note book PC? Then set your eyes on the Balance 14.1" Laptop, 1.0 GHz VIA C3 Processor From for only $ 498. Thats right a modern note book for under $500.
While it won't be a high-performance gamer's hot rod, you can do word processing, Bloging and e-mail. You can burn or rip Music. For more taxing tasks, you will more than likely need to get more memory. 256MB and 512MB SODIMMs are not very expensive, so I recommend getting one when you can. Installing a new memory chip is not very difficult on this computer.

You get:

-Linspire 4.5 Linux is an easy-to-use, full-featured desktop operating system that is totally familiar for Windows users of all experience levels. Linspire comes with everything you need to browse the Internet, instant message, e-mail, share and write documents, work with digital photos, listen to music, play games and much more Easy and comfortable graphical interface with clear menus and icons
-Voice-narrated tutorials provide step-by-step instructions on dozens of subjects

-Complete Microsoft Office file-compatible office software suite lets you easily create and share written files (.doc), spreadsheets (.xls) and presentations (.ppt). Even create PDFs and export presentations to Macromedia Flash
-Web browsing including pop-up ad blocking and Hot Words search technology
Powerful email software includes built-in spell-checking and fights spam
-Instant Messaging, Chat and free Internet phone calling
-Contact management with address book and calendar
-All-in-one digital photo manager, featuring tools to import, organize, edit, crop, enhance, and share digital photos. Hundreds of digital cameras supported. Even use your photos as a screensaver and make video CDs!
-Complete music management with Lsongs to import, organize, play and burn CDs of your favorite music Networking PCs and Printers: Share files and printers between Linspire OS and Microsoft Windows systems Plug-n-Play peripheral support.
-No floppy drive

VIA C3 processor 1.0 GHz
14.1" panel
128 MB memory
30 GB hard drive
CD-ROM drive
4 cell battery with a 3.5-hour charge time to 100% capacity (while computer is off
5 hours charge time to 100% capacity while system is on
Battery delivers more than 1.5 hours of usage time
4 USB 2.0 ports
Linspire version 4.5 (I recommend getting Linspire version 5.0 when you can)
AC adapter, power cord, battery pack

Great price for people who just need a laptop for basic functions (i.e. internet, word processing, email) "Cant Beat The Price"


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