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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Are you in the klik?

When people look around for reasons to say that Linux is just too hard, they will invariably arrive at software installations. The classic refrains include the difficulty of building from source, the problems with dependencies, and so on. Although there is some truth to some of this, building from source is rarely necessary for mainstream packages these days because recompiled applications exist for most major distributions. Again, on the issue of package dependencies, most distributions use software installation tools that take care of the whole dependency issue for you, such as SUSE’s YaST, Debian’s apt-GUI, Synaptic, or Mandriva’s urpmi to name just a few.
Have no fear the klik Client is here. Klik certainly looks like an idea whose time has come.This is great for the none techs. It provides an easy way to download and use software for most major distributions. It might not be the best or most desirable approach to software installation, but Linux distribution vendors have got to pay close attention to what is being done here in their efforts to simplify the process for their users. You can find very detailed info across the web.
So dont run but surf your way over to the klik application website to check out klikable packages.


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