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Saturday, December 03, 2005


The 5.0.59 version of Linspire was released in March of 2005. A new version 5.0.347 is now available.The version includes a number of noteworthy updates:


- improved modem support by adding new drivers and updating the hardware detector
- updated versions of pre-installed applications such as NVU, Lphoto, Linspire Internet Suite
- improved filetype support for .mp3, .ogg, .wav
- bug fixes such as removing cpudyn that was causing the slow response in certain laptops
- further improvement to modem by adding new drivers and updating the hardware detector
- improve support for broadcomm and linksys usb wireless devices
- updated Java RunTime Environment (v 1.5)
- update mplayerplug-in (v 3.01)
- includes hardware compatibility tool in utilities
- updated tutorials
- improved nslauncher for better mimetype support

Anyone who previously had 5.0 on their account should be able to get and install this version. This version does not add any new major functionality! This is mainly a bug fix release that resolves some problems with the previous release.If your machine is running fine you do NOT need this version. This was pushed out mainly for the people who could not get Linspire 5.0.59 to install the first time around. If your machine is running fine then stick with it.


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