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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dimension n Series E510

Are you looking for a desktop on which you can run Linux® or other open-source operating systems? Look no further!

Dell's new open-source n Series desktop solution provides customers with a DimensionTM E510 desktop without an installed or included Microsoft® operating system. With the n Series desktop, customers have the flexibility to install an alternative operating system (such as a version of Linux®), and help reduce the price of this system. In addition, the n Series desktop comes with a non-formatted hard drive ready for your custom installation. Dell's n Series desktop ships with a copy of FreeDosTM, an open-source operating system that is ready to install.

Note: Dell does not support non-Dell installed operating systems.


At 1:26 PM, Anonymous smith said...

I tried to purchased an N-series system from Dell. I wanted one a with DVD burner. Shortly after my order was accepted, I got email from one of their staff people insisting that they would have to put Windows XP on it because I had asked for a DVD burner. I new the box would work fine with linux, including DVD burning. I did not buy the system.Its a rip


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