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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I was just at Kalibonca's web page. It's a company that relies on a collection of freelance workers rather than fulltime employees. They use what is known as a Live CD. When the user starts up the computer with the Linux program in the CD drive, the Windows program on hard drive is by-passed and Linux is loaded into the computer's memory instead. I would think a live DVD would be nicer, but thats just me. Oh and one big note: users will need a computer with two CD drives; the Linux system disk must remain in the main CD drive while the program's second and third disks run one at a time in the other CD drive.

Their mission is : “We believe Computing is fun and that computers increase our productivity a hundred times. Sadly, Computing has been hijacked and reduced to revenue generation by greedy college dropouts and page-ranking PhDs. Unnecessary complexity, user frustration and malicious code characterize the modern computing experience. We hope to reverse this dumbing down with the Kalibonca Gateway.
Kalibonca is designed to be "convivial" as defined by Ivan Illich. Conviviality refers to graceful playfullness in tools – the opposite of industrial productivity. Not to tipsy jollyness in the user.”

“3 CDs that will change your life, only $29.99 (+S/H)”


At 3:58 AM, Blogger हरिराम said...

Still the prices of Kalibonca seems too high. Some strategy should be made to reduce the cost upto 90%, (may use outsorcing to find developers in India and Thailand)


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