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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Magnetic storage

If you’re like me, you use CDs and DVDs to store all your pictures, videos and songs. Did you know many of the cheap burnable CDs available at discount stores have a life span of around two years; some of the better-quality discs offer a longer life span, of maybe five years. There are a few things you can do to extend the life of a burned CD, like keeping the disc in a cool, dark space, but not a whole lot more you can do.

Magnetic storage media have declined some say, how ever; it remains in demand, despite predictions of its so-called demise. For example, moderately traditional tape mechanisms still play a major role in safeguarding large amounts of data. Some PC manufacturers plan to do away with floppy disk drives from their personal computers, yet worldwide demand for floppy disks has not vanished completely. Magnetic tapes are also subject to degradation but they're still the superior storage media. Magnetic tapes, I think, can have a life span of 10 years to 20 or more years, depending on their quality.

If you want to avoid having to burn new CDs every few years, look too Iomega REV products. Standards for Iomega REV Drives offer you an out-of-the-box backup and a recovery solution. They have multi-OS support for Windows, Linux and NetWare. People say that the media (for Iomega REV Drives) is more proficient and dependable than traditional tape systems. Its Back up and restore is faster than tape. Iomega REV disks hold 35GB of uncompressed data, more than most low-end tape drives and are said to have a shelf life that exceeds 30 years. We all need to be constantly looking at new storage technologies and have an archiving strategy that allows us to automatically migrate our memories. No storage medium lasts forever.

Iomega 35GB/90GB REV Disk cost $49 to $66 Iomega REV Drives cost $259 to $430


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