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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Could this be it? The 100.00 note book PC

Taiwan's Quanta, the world's largest maker of notebook computers, will manufacture an ultra-low-cost laptop developed by Nicholas Negroponte....


At 10:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The laptop is an excellent idea. Sell it everywhere, mark up in industrialize countries to help subsidize the poorer ones. I'd probably pay $200 for one (with no support) if I knew I was also paying for a kid in a developing country to have one. For now I here that the laptop is not "for sale" - it's going to be available for students only, and will be distributed through the same channels that school books and uniforms are. I would think opening it up to consumer demand would allow them to sell even more units and reduce the price even further.

I really hope that they sell these in the US, as I want one just so that I have a computer for when the power goes out, or when I'm not near any power source. Its great for the convenience it could give me and also most importantly, an easy way to contribute to the education of poor children .

I think the “One Laptop per Child” lacks vision....

At 1:10 PM, Blogger RebelSaid said...

Your right there is a lack of the “big picture”. I'm thinking that the program could be adequately funded if the laptops were sold to the general public for $200 a piece and there by providing one laptop to the general public and profit of $100 to provide for a free laptop to the One Laptop per Child program. Yes good question, why not sell it directly to us and let part of our purchase price finance someone else's education .


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