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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Google OS

I here Google is planning to provide their own-brand Windows-less PC and sell the low-cost system through a partnership with Wal-Mart. The system will have Google's own operating system - most likely Linux - rather than Windows. Im sure much cheaper than The XP Starter Edition.
For the past few years Wal-Mart seems to be one of the leaders in providing Linux base PCs to the masses. It has been win-win for every one. For those on budget who want a computer to surf the internet, read their email, track their finances,blog and word processing, Walmart knows a Linux-based computer might make sense. Unlike Microsoft, Walmart survives primarily by serving its customers. As a retailer they cannot use copyright laws to trap its customers into using its stuff. That's possible only in the world of proprietary software.

It has been win-win for every one:Linux and other Open Source software allow Walmart to have very low computer costs. Every PC sold with Windows XP pre-installed has about a $70 surcharge. Stuff like linspire probably has about $30 surcharge.

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