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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Why fear choice?

The hardest part about the many in the linux community is most think *everything* should be free and want no part in big corperations or proprietory software. But yet they still complain about many hardware and software issues. They talk about they want every one to have a choice so long as evey one is cookie cutter.Linux's strength comes from its freedom but one's fight for freedom shouldn't come at the expense of another's right to "choose". Can anyone tell me why CNR has any less right to be in the Ubuntu multiverse than any of the other non-free/closed applications. Then why is Java and Macro media Flash in there?

Synaptic can be very user-friendly but CNR fits more the online shopping model of things that consumers are used to. You don't "need" to be a CNR subscriber to purchase "commercial products" with one click, so anyone could buy the DVD playback software, but they do offer discounts to subscribers. With CNR you can easily install many 3rd party/non-free programs such as Americas Army, Skype, Win4Lin and Cedega.

See the list of 3rd party/non-free programs in CNR here. I bet those programs are "not" on the klik web site (I do love Klik client check out my review.) Synaptic or Multiverse.

Locking someone into open source is just as bad as locking someone into proprietary software.

Don't fear choice.


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