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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Linux native programs

I have a list of the first 31 Linux native programs I fine very useful in a None Windows & Mac OSX world. Im not saying their the most important, only that they or the most useful for me. Many of these programs come in deb. or rpm. installation packages. However many GNU systems have most of these free programs pre installed.


Win4Lin emulates an environment that is comparable to a usual Windows environment. First of all, Win4Lin adds some hooks add various places in the Linux kernel, like the scheduler. These hooks are utilized by the mki-adapter module, which provides an interface to the hardware for the Win4Lin BIOS. The BIOS and the kernel interface provide everything DOS needs to run.
In contrast with VMWare and innotek VirtualBox , Win4Lin does not use a hard drive image. Windows filesystem operations are translated to operations on the Linux filesystem. This means that Windows is installed on the Linux partition. This makes files from the Windows installation easily accessible.

19. Digikam

It is software for communicating with your digital camera and downloading pictures from it. Auto detects and works with USB cameras. Drag & drop support, plus a slide show mode.

18. GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. Photo editing application

17. innotek VirtualBox

Many people rely on certain Windows-based pieces of software and will either be prevented from switching or they will switch and have an immediate problem when they can't use a specialized program for work -- and that's where innotek VirtualBox comes in. VirtualBox allows users to run an unmodified operating systems, including the software embedded on them, directly in a special environment on top of the currently running operating system by forcing the guest OS to 'think' it's running on a real machine. Currently, VirtualBox supports the following guest operating systems: FreeBSD, Linux 2.4/2.6, OpenBSD, OS/2 Warp, Windows NT/2000/XP/Server2003/Vista.

16.Unreal Tournament 2004

Unreal Tournament 2004 makes a good case for the idea, as there's no doubt that this is a bigger, tighter, better game than the last. Best of all, UT2004 isn't simply a refinement of UT2003 with new maps; two new game modes, the returning Assault and the brand-new Onslaught, are alone more than enough to justify the new title.

Unreal Tourament 2004 took some of the best parts of the original UT and UT2003 and summed them together to make the complete package. The gameplay is more balanced than ever, as the developers took time to listen to the complaints people had about UT2003 and fixed almost everything. The end

15. Kaffeine

Kaffeine is a media that can handle all kinds of media. There are several buttons that let you listen music from the HDD or CDs, to encode music, to play DVDs, to watch digital television and more.

14. Envy & Xgl (desktop effects) Both 14th


is a video driver installation utility that helped to take the pain out of installing NVIDIA and ATI drivers for thousands of Ubuntu and Debian users alike. Always under constant development, the creator of this project has been able to provide a real model of open source software efficiency.

Xgl (desktop effects)

They turn the desktop into a malleable 3D environment with features such as 'wobbly' windows that can be stretched and pulled like rubber , with true real-time opacity, and treating the entire desktop as a multi-faceted rotatable 'cube'.

13. K9Copy

K9Copy which is a small utility which allows the copy of DVD, similar to the popular Windows application DVD Shrink. K9Copy reproduces the original structure of the DVD. The navigation packs as well as IFO files are modified to point on the compressed MPEG stream. Its very easy to use and understand. Lots of options to choose from in how a DVD will be backed up. Very flexible in its output.

12. Novell Evolution 2

Novell Evolution embraces mail, calendar and address book standards to ease data sharing. Novell Evolution connects to corporate communications architectures, including Microsoft Exchange and Novell GroupWise. Users can create customized reminders for their events that open windows or play sounds. Users can organize their work by entering to-do items into the task component. Summary, description, due dates, priorities, and categories can be entered. Users can then view their items by date, priority, deadlines and other criteria or view tasks in the integrated calendar view.

11. Automatix

Automatix is a free graphical package manager for the installation, uninstallation and configuration many applications in Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Debian 4.0 i386, Mepis 6.0, 6.5 i386 and Linux Mint users. Its list of supported applications include a whole range of multimedia codecs, burning and ripping software, file sharing software, and much-much more.

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