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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Linux client for UT3

This week it was officially confirmed by Epic's Mark Rein that there will be a Linux client for UT3. Mark Rein is the VP of Epic Games as well as being their forum administrator. He had stated earlier this week: "We're a multi-platform company folks please come to grips with that. We like the PC. We like the 360. We like the PS3. We like the Macintosh. We like Linux. We will deliver UT3 for all of these platforms and it will rock on every one."

This is very good news for me. I am a big Unreal fan. I've always enjoyed the Unreal franchise , but this thing they call UT3 could quite possibly be one of the best games Epic has made. I one of those that went out and bought Unreal Anthology, which is a compilation pack containing Unreal Gold (which includes Unreal and its expansion pack), Unreal Tournament 99, Unreal II: The Awakening, and Unreal Tournament 2004. The package includes pre-patched and up-to-date versions for most of the included games. Cool huh? Believe t or not, UT99 still has an active but dwindling online community with a couple of thousand UT dedicated players online in multiplayer combat at any one time across approximately 1,000 servers located on almost every continent of the world.

My fav game mode in UT2004 is Invasion. Some would say that it is the closest game type to true co-operative play in 2004. All human players are on the same team, and that team must work to clear waves of (CPU) invading aliens. If you are killed, you sit out until your team defeats the current wave; all dead players re-spawn for the next wave.

On to Unreal Tournament 3

Unreal Tournament 3 is actually the fourth game in the Unreal Tournament series. The original Unreal Tournament is considered by Epic to be the first series. They were followed by UT2003 and UT2004, which Epic considers the second series. UT3 is part of a third generation. The previously known Assault and Onslaught modes are gone and will be replaced by some gametype called Unreal Warfare. I hear to Unreal Warfare will feature a style of gameplay similar to UT2004's Onslaught, while also having objective-based side missions like you have in Assault. Well I do love Assault thats one of the things I hated about UT2003, its lack of Assault game mode.

Publisher's Description:

"The Necris invasion has begun, and your clan was one of the first to be slaughtered. Head to the front lines and join this Epic battle to defend humanity while taking your revenge. Unreal Tournament 3 marks the return of the premiere tournament-style first-person shooter. Unreal Tournament 3 unleashes the full power of Unreal Engine 3, taking graphics, gameplay, and challenge to a whole new level. Players engage in intense and hyper-real battles with other human players online or against incredibly realistic Unreal artificial intelligence. Over two dozen weapons and vehicles have been upgraded and enhanced for maximum killing potential. Take on all comers in a variety of game modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, an all-new Warfare mode and more."

There is no officially announced release date for UT3. Epic has stated the game will be done when it is done

The engine will require DX9 graphics cards like the

ASUS N7600GS SILENT/HTD/256M GeForce 7600GS 256MB 128-bit GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X Video Card if you have an AGP motherboard or the ASUS EN7600GS SILENT/HTD/256M GeForce 7600GS 256MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 SLI Supported Video Card if you have an PCI Express x16 motherboard.

online $85.00-$100.00


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