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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kindle 3 is not trying to be iPad

Its been a very-very long time since I posted so yes I have much to say yet so little to say. I know sounds nuts, but hey thats me. plans to release a cheaper Kindle e-reader next month. I read it on the web some where. It is said that the new Kindle will have a screen with increased gray-scale contrast, a battery that lasts for a month, and a slightly smaller size. It will come in two types: one with Wi-Fi and 3G Internet connections selling for $189, the other with Wi-Fi only for $139. Sounds like a good deal. People say that the iPad has killed the Kindle. Thats just crazy talk. The kindle 3 will be a standalone e-reader, not a multifunction tablet computer like the iPad.

The kindle is about 9 ounces and 1/3 of an inch thin, it is lighter than a paperback and thinner than a most magazine. The Kindle's screen looks and reads like real paper, with no glare even in bright sun light.

Did you know there were free e-books available in the Kindle format on the Amazon website, including many books from 1922 and before that were now in the public domain? Now you can share meaningful passages with friends and family with built-in Twitter and Facebook integration.

The Kindle will find its way to the US and UK on the 27th of August.


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