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Monday, February 26, 2018

Places To Buy A PC With Linux Pre installed

The hardest part of using Linux is to find out the correct hardware. Hardware compatibility and drivers can be a big issue. But where one can find Linux desktops or Laptop for sale? Here are Five places to buy a preinstalled Linux Desktop and Laptop. Linux is often overlooked as an option because you won’t find these machines at mainstream electronics stores like Best Buy.

Since 2007, ZaReason has assembled, shipped, and supported hardware specifically designed for Linux. You can get easy-to-use free and open source software for with each laptop or desktop or server.

This vendor sells Ubuntu and POP_OS! Linux based laptops, servers, and desktop computers. It is one of the most recommended brands of Ubuntu forum members. System76 has a decent range of laptops and desktops.

Linux Certified
This vendor sells Linux services including robust and cost-effective Linux laptops.

This laptop vendor certified to Respect Your Freedom. There misstion.."To enable computing freedom in all areas of technology and empower people and organizations to take control of high-quality technology products." It means your laptop is 100% free from binary blobs. It runs the FSF-endorsed Trisquel operating system and libreboot firmware on hardware.

Dell sells a high-end Ubuntu Linux-based laptop for developers. The XPS 13 Developer Edition​  has the a 7th Generation Intel Core i5-7200U Processor  with Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS. Problem with dell you have to hunt for the  XPS 13 Developer Edition​ as fous more selling windows systems.


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