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Friday, September 21, 2018

Everlast MMA Powerlock Fight Gloves Size: Xtra Large

I do more than just work on software all the time. Boxing isn’t just reserved for the ring. It's good for fitness providing a high intensity workout. You don’t punch with your arms, you punch with your whole body. One single punch engages the upper body, but it also draws power from the core, hips and legs. You’d be surprised at how much fun it is to punch stuff. Punching a heavy bag releases all of that pent up aggression and allows you to relieve your stress through a healthy outlet. Punching random people because your mad is not good.

I picked up new pair of Mixed martial arts (MMA) fight gloves made by Everlast a little while ago. The name Everlast and boxing go hand in hand. They've been around since 1910 but only became a household name after designing Jack Dempsey’s boxing gloves in his heavyweight championship bout vs. Jess Willard in 1919.

They are called "MMA Powerlock Fight Gloves". I don't see them being talked about across the web very much.They are the only leather gloves I own. I see lot more people talking about the UFC Competition Grade Gloves or the Venum Attack Gloves. 

The MMA Powerlock Fight Gloves feature a slight curve in its design, as well as additional padding for the first and fifth metacarpal. The POWERLOCK technology ergonomic layered foam construction that secures the hand into a natural fist position. The C4 FOAM, provides greater cushioning and force dispersion. The inner lining is designed with Everlast EverDri technology to have moisture wicking.

The open palm feature greatly complements the inner lining for increased breathability. Due to the inner lining sweat absorption ability, these gloves need to be aired out after training so that the gloves do not build up odor over time. These particular Everlast gloves have an open thumb style design. 

Unlike the other MMA gloves like my Venum Attack Gloves, Everlast did not create their gloves to have padding on the back of the hand.

The first thing you should be aware of when working with MMA competition gloves is you should never spar "hard" with your training partners using "competition" gloves.They have minimal padding as they are a 4-ounce weight as mandated by state athletic commissions. Too many people train with fight gloves without hand wraps which is not good. Gloves like the MMA Powerlock Fight Gloves provide less protection than boxing gloves. So always wrap with 120" MMA Handwraps which are much more elastic, and shorter than the traditional 180" boxing wraps. If you plan on sparring hard use BOXING gloves, or you will end up with unnecessary concussions and other injuries that can easily be avoided.

I will also give everyone fair warning. The Everlast MMA Powerlock Fight Gloves like all other MMA gloves shouldn't be used on a heavy bag for long periods without wrapping every time. They don’t have the added length to the wrist strap which provides stabilization and protection for the wrist in case you do punch the a bag incorrectly. There are serious risk when using MMA gloves during the heavy bag workouts, such as significant injuries to your hands, knuckles, and wrists. Again they are only 4 ounces and although their sole purpose is to protect the hands, they don’t do the best job. Remember these gloves, wrap your hands every time to get the best wrist and knuckle support.

I personally don't like the way UFC gloves feel on my hands. It's so difficult to make a tight fist it like forces your hand open so you end up punching like you'd knock on a door or something. I would love to get my hands on some Pride or Rizin MMA gloves. Their unique design, like The Powerlocks,includes a curved striking surface to maximize hand protection at the impact zone. The Everlast MMA Powerlock Fight Gloves are like the Everlast-designed Bellator MMA Official Fight Gloves first seen in Bellator 110.

In closing 

These pro gloves don't come with pretty packaging, celebrity endorsements or flashy artwork. I wish they came in other colors but that doesn't effect how they fit on my hands. I've have worn a lot of different gloves but when I put these gloves on for the first time, I could feel the difference right away. They just feels perfect on my big American hands. They are the gloves of choice for Bellator MMA and some fight gyms in the USA.


They are not cruelty free gloves:

If you’re a strong believer in living a hardcore vegan lifestyle, or perhaps you have another reason for avoiding leather, the MMA Powerlock Fight Gloves are not for you.

Use wraps:

Wearing hand MMA wraps is a must, and not doing so is stupid and very short term thinking. Your wraps inside of Powerlock Fight Gloves should be tight enough to stay put but do NOT wrap them so tight that they cut off circulation  you should be able to wiggle your fingers and thumb comfortably. I use MaxxMMA Hand Wraps 120" Elastic Hand Wraps. Their 75%Nylon, 5%Polyester, 20%Rubber. The thickness is better fitting with more protection than traditional hand-wraps.

Condition the gloves:

The Everlast MMA Powerlock Fight Gloves are made of leather, and they have to be conditioned to keep them in tip-top shape. Leather is the skin from a living creature, and it can dry out just like human skin. There are many commercial leather conditioners available on the market, or you can use lemon essential oil instead. Avoid leaving them in the sun. While the sun is a great way to dry out lots of things, leather gloves aren't one of them. SOME sunshine can dry them out and kill bacteria, but TOO MUCH sun can damage the the leather the same way it damages human skin. I don't have to do any of that with my Venum Impact Sparring MMA Gloves as they are made from Skintex. I use Vapor Fresh for Cleaning Deodorize my gloves, Naturally.

About Everlast

The preeminent brand in boxing since 1910, Everlast is the world's leading manufacturer, marketer and licensor of boxing, MMA and fitness equipment. From heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey and middle weight legend Sugar Ray Robinson to the undisputed middleweight champion Jermain Taylor and UFC champion Randy Couture, Everlast is the brand of choice for generations of world champion professional athletes. Built on a brand heritage of strength, dedication, individuality and authenticity, Everlast is a necessary part of the lives of countless champions. Based in Manhattan, Everlast's products are sold across more that 75 countries and 6 continents. Everlast is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brands Holdings Limited, a global company and manager of worldwide sporting goods and apparel brands. For more information, visit


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