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Friday, February 15, 2019

Boxing glove size are not standard

No this not a post about Software...

Many people ask me whats the best boxing gloves to buy. The thing is I'm not really an expert on gloves. I know only what works for my hands. I have wide hands and long fingers. Brands vary in size around your fist. So I just always make sure my gloves will fit my hands with hand wraps on. I do know the the type of glove you need is depending on where it’s going to be used. If you’re new to everything, go for a pair of fitness or training gloves. You going to do some Sparring? That requires sparring gloves. As with most products,  There there are many glove brands each with a quality of its own. While there are a lot of affordable boxing gloves, those made with high-end materials are  the most recommended. If you have a big bank account. The best boxing gloves in the world are The Winning training boxing gloves. They are made under strict quality control in Japan.

Types of gloves...

BAG GLOVES: These are primarily used to hit a heavy bag. They are not the type of gloves you can use for sparring or hitting other boxers.

SPARRING GLOVES: These are used for making contact with other fighters. Sparring gloves are usually measured in American ounces. Any fighter over 160lbs should choose 16 or 18 ounce gloves.

TRAINING GLOVES: They are a hybrid glove that can be used for bag/pad work or sparring. They are typically firm enough to use on heavy bags, but also safe enough to wear while sparring.

Gloves I use.

Bag Gloves
Everlast Neoprene
Rival Econo Bag Gloves

Training Gloves
Everlast Powerlock Hook & Loop
Hayabusa Tokushu Plus

Sparring Gloves
Rival RS1-pro 18oz
(New) Rival RS100-pro 18oz

I don't spend a lot of money on gloves. I don't use my hands to make money. Every pair I buy is either on sale or some type of rebate. The most expensive gloves I ever bought was the Rival RS100 Professional Sparring Gloves. This model is the  predecessor to the my RS1 pro sparring gloves, which were first lace-up boxing gloves I ever bought. Like the former model, its been nothing less than amazing. These gloves are actually fairly heavy on visuals, and have a variety of graphics printed on. They look absolutely amazing..

Rival RS100-Professional Sparring Gloves

Like my old RS1s they are not real leather. They are handcrafted using Rivals indestructible Super Rich Microfiber with a foamy cloth lining, and a part mesh palm for added ventilation. Micro fiber is a fairly new material used in boxing gloves. It seems to be a sturdy material and not as expensive as leather gloves. Some suggest the material is just as durable as leather. Unfortunately there are some really lousy synthetic gloves out there (the stuff you get at WALMART or DICKS) that gives synthetic leather a bad name. Microfiber is not cheap synthetic leather. I’ve yet to hear of a RS100-Professional Sparring Glove tearing quickly. It is a good choice for many because no animals are involved in the manufacturing process. In terms of cost, leather is usually more expensive than microfiber.

I wish they had the "X-Lace Track" on Cuff like the Rival RS1-pro, but the RS100 glove does offer a perfect fit. Its designed to perfectly fit the hand because of what Rival calls an "Ergonomic True-Fist Construction". The padding on these gloves is of a medium density, and doesn’t feel too bulky like other 18oz gloves. While the gloves seem fairly compact, the hand compartments don’t feel too tight of fit. These gloves may not turn you into Muhammad Ali or Jack Dempsey but they will stand out in any gym.

Most men’s gloves are made for larger hands..

When picking out boxing gloves for women there are many considerations. On average, women’s palms are typically shorter and narrower than men’s. Sometimes the male thumb is a bit shorter compared to the female thumb. Many assume that if a boxing glove is pink or purple that it must be made for women. Yes, these gloves are marketed towards women, but it doesn’t mean that they’re actually made for a woman's hands. Those gloves are made for our, bigger hands, and so a woman's fist just ends up floating inside them creating a higher risk of injury. One should never pick a pair of boxing gloves based solely on color or aesthetic.

3 places to buy gloves for made women (in no particular order)
  1. Kali Active
  2. Society Nine
  3. Machina Boxing (pronounced “Ma-she-nuh”)
So again I'm no expert on gloves. There are so many YouTube channels with good information. Here is what I do know:
  • There is wide range in pricing for boxing gloves, from under $20 to nearly $500. $60-$100 is a good low range for quality boxing gloves. $100-$150 is a good middle ground. Only someone hard core or a Pro would need pay $200 or more. (I just wait for sales)
  • Brands vary in size around your fist. You should always try them on with wraps.Most people should always wear hand wraps when training.
  • Pink or purple gloves are not always be made for women.
  • Laces give you a tighter, more stable fit to your hands while Velcro’s are easy to tighten and loosen.
  • 16oz and up is the gloves size most gyms require for sparring.


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