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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

From Incognito in Saint Louis

"No Snitches"="Code of Silence"

"In 2004 police officer Andrew Spengler, was having a housewarming party. Several off duty officers were there, drinking. Frank Jude Jr., a black male and stripper, came to the party with his stripping bodyguard, also a black male, and two white women. Apparently, at some point after arriving at the party, Jude figured out that this wasn't his scene after hearing racial comments. As the four started to leave, Spengler stated that his badge was missing. Immediately, a melee descended upon Jude. He was beaten, severly. A dozen men dragged him out of his car, beat him in the head, stuck pens in his ears, stripped him, and threatened him with a knife, all while yelling racial slurs at him." More here....


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