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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Suse Linux, version 10.1

I think that Linux is at a crucial point in history. Microsoft is floundering with their next generation operating system, called Vista. They have now developed an anti virus program that will fix the problems their operating system allows to happen. Guess what?... Their going to charge you 50 bucks a year to clean up the mess they themselves made. With the cost of hardware plummeting, the retail price of Windows XP, and with additional anti-virus and firewall software factored in; the cost can equal over a third of the total computer investment.

Linux can be obtained on CD or DVD media. You can download an ISO image, say, from many places across, and then burn that .iso file to a cd. An iso image is an image of a CD-ROM disk saved in ISO-9660 format, an exact copy of a disk stored as a file. ISO files are generally 640 megabytes in size, a lot to download. While there is generally some documentation included on down loadable iso images, there is no free technical support with a downloaded iso image. If like most, you still have dial-up or can't download an iso image, you can buy CD's/DVD's, without printed material or tech support. Look to Easy Linux or exofire CD Burn (TLL International Internet Services).

Look to.....

Suse Linux 10.1 which was created by the OpenSuse project, the Novell-sponsored community initiative that promotes the use of Linux everywhere. The OpenSuse project has more than 22,000 registered members, and SUSE Linux 10.0 recently topped 1.3 million verified installations.

USE Linux 10.1 provides a full-featured desktop designed especially for the new Linux user. It includes the latest version of the popular Firefox web browser; the latest version of the Windows-compatible 2.0 office suite complete with support for Visual Basic macros; e-mail and instant messaging clients; graphics creation, editing and management applications; and security tools like spam blockers, anti-virus software and an integrated firewall. Other new and updated features include the fully integrated Beagle desktop search engine, the Amarok and Banshee music players for the playing of MP3 files on Linux, XGL core rendering technology for richer graphical experiences for Linux desktop users, enhanced power management, and the Network Manager networking applet.

I'm not saying Suse is the best, but its one of the easiest desk-top Linux to run.


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