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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

klik away: SeaMonkey

Remember back when the Mozilla Foundation announced that it has pulled its Mozilla browser in favor of its little brother Firefox. The 1.7.x line of releases was to be the last maintained versions released by the Foundation. Then something called the SeaMonkey Community" released the first alpha of the successor of the Mozilla Suite, dubbed well, "SeaMonkey" with its code derived from the application formerly known as "Mozilla Application Suite"

Now fast forward to now....SeaMonkey 1.0. which integrates Web browsing, e-mail, chat, and an HTML editor in a robust, easy-to-use package that works well despite a few bugs. Mozilla lacks virtual folders or saved searches and it cannot filter outgoing mail and lacks sophisticated message templates.

With the klik getting, installing and using SeaMonkey 1.0. is a snap, and there's so much about it to enjoy that you may fall in love with Mozilla, the email client.

If you want to use the klik client you have to quickly prepare your system. To install the klik client,please press Alt-F2 and paste: wget -O -|sh

Note: klik client also needs “rpm” to be installed on your OS.

To uninstall the klik client,press Alt-F2 and paste: wget -O -|sh


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