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Friday, July 14, 2006

Adobe Flash Player Download:Intel Mac Flash 9(Public Beta),Intel Linux Flash 7.

Today I went to and was told to get version 8. It does not make any since. I have been told that I could expect to a pre-release version of 9 Linux Flash before the end of the year. I see the Intel Mac Flash 9 pre-release version is already here. Oh yeah, they already have Flash 8 don't they. It can very discouraging knowing that Flash is the latest player for Linux. Oh well....

I was on the klik site and I saw 3 programs every Linux user should look at.

Nero Linux provides LINUX users with the tools necessary to perform optical recording tasks. The application is both stable and reliable and supports burning data and disc images to CDs and both single and dual-layer DVDs (ISO9660, UDF and UDF/ISO9660 Bridge), bootable Cds/DVDs, and Audio CDs. Now I will warn every one...the cmg demo version has already expired. If you already own a retail copy of the Windows version of Nero 6, just plug in that serial number. If not, you can purchased serial number for $19.00.

Then there is K9Copy  which is a small utility which allows the copy of DVD, similar to the popular Windows application DVD Shrink. K9Copy reproduces the original structure of the DVD. The navigation packs as well as IFO files are modified to point on the compressed MPEG stream. Its very easy to use and understand. Lots of options to choose from in how a DVD will be backed up. Very flexible in its output. I highly recommend running it with the kilk.

Im sure you heard of Intuit Quicken and Microsoft Money Windows-based packages for personal financial management. For Linux there is a free software program optionally included with KDE in some GNU/Linux distributions. It's much like Intuit Quicken in terms of its interface. Its called KmyMoney. It has the same functionality as in Quicken, but you can't communicate directly with financial institutions. It also lacks .TXF export functionality. Its not ready for the big time, but good for users with simple needs.

If you want to use the klik client you have to quickly prepare your system. To install the klik client,please press Alt-F2 and paste: wget -O -|sh

To uninstall the klik client,press Alt-F2 and paste: wget -O -|sh

The is not a package management system. It doesn't strive to replace apt-get, dpkg, rpm, yum, apt4rpm, portage, smart, autopackage, or CNR.

If you get: need to install "rpm2cpio" It means you have to install “rpm” on your OS 


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