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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10

Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) 10 could truly be a viable alternative to Microsoft Windows, they say its going to provide comprehensive support for multimedia and favorite Internet technologies. I have to also note that it will be equipped with the latest and greatest in Linux software white includes the open source leader of office productivity, featuring recent versions of Novell's Evolution e-mail client and 2.0. SLED10 also right out of the box, will provide digital video and audio playback complete support integrated connectivity for the mighty iPod using Banshee, a new digital audio application partially developed by Novell.
Novell has also included software that recognizes when a digital camera is connected to the PC, and offers to transfer images from the camera's memory to an application called F-Spot, where you can be cataloged, edited, or email.
The most impressive new feature (SLED) 10 is XGL, a powerful new graphics subsystem that uses the power of OpenGL,which boost desktop display features such as transparent objects and 3D effects. Also XGL could also improve more practical parts of the Linux user interface, such as text display speeds that permits fast zooming of windows, like magnification software that helps those with impaired visit.
HP plans to certify SLED 10 for some of its notebooks. However HP doesn't plan to offer Linux as a preload on business notebooks but hey... I bet HP will eventually preload SLED 10 on its desktops some day soon.
It all sounds good but...People use computers for applications, not the OS. An OS is only as good as its ISVs (Independent software vendors). That is what (SLED) 10 and other Linux distributions need most. If Linux ever got native programs like Photoshop Elements 4.0, Dreamweaver, Macromedia Studio, Quicken 2006, TurboTax, and maybe even Win DVD; Microsoft would lose market share over night.
Suse Linux Enterprise is based on OpenSuse 10.1, Suse's community-oriented distribution. The desktop version will sell for about $50. Not a bad value,some XBOX 360 games cost more.


At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I downloaded and installed it. It appears to be fairly impressive, the only problem was that there was no sound. That's a show stopper. Too bad since everything else configured perfectly.


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