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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Klik Away...Opera 9

“Opera has been kliked 8932 times, and 7417 successes have been estimated.”

If you want to use the klik client you have to quickly prepare your system. To install the klik client,please press Alt-F2 and paste: wget -O -|sh

Note: klik client also needs “rpm” to be installed on your OS.

To uninstall the klik client,press Alt-F2 and paste: wget -O -|sh

Opera 9

Pros: Fastest, most lightweight browser out there, matching and surpassing Firefox's features right out of the box, plus Opera only features you wont find in any extension. Opera's still a smaller download than the stripped-down version of Firefox, let alone IE. You get BitTorrent integration, widgets, thumbnail preview for tabs and and the ability to customize individual sites. If your browser crashes and you want to go back to the sites you were visiting before the crash. In Firefox, you have to go History and open them one by one. Opera automatically saves last session so you'll see the tabs in the same order when you open the browser.

Cons: While it is no fault of opera, the browser is not supported on many of the most popular sites. It could be a little too much for a non technical user. If you are good at figuring out software and finding features on your own, then Opera is a great browser.


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