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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Just KlikIt!

Have no fear the klikIt! Client is here. KlikIt! certainly looks like an idea whose time has come. This is great for the none techs. It provides an easy way to download and use software for most major Debain based distributions.KlikIt! is a Graphical User Interface, that will let you Install, Uninstall and Run programs on your Linux System like Linspire.

"You will be able to View Screenshots of the programs, and read info and Tutorials about them. Everything is done only by a few mouse 'kliks'. KlikIt will provide any Linspire Five-0 user with a very easy way of managing software. KlikIt is NOT a substitute to Click-N-Run, it's just ANOTHER option... If you encounter any issues with klikit or the software installed via klikit, you can post a thread in the forums or contact Chris J. Ramaglia the program's author. Please do not contact Linspire Support for issues related to 3rd party software installs. "

please press Alt-F2 and paste:

wget -c -O -|sh

Note to Linspire users:Klikit requires Linspire Five-0. It is not designed for Linspire 4.0 or 4.5.


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