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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Freespire:The Freedom of Choice

Freespire is a community-driven, Linux-based operating system that combines the best that free, open source software has to offer (community driven, freely distributed, open source code, etc.), but also provides users the choice of including proprietary codecs, drivers and applications as they see fit. With Freespire, the choice is yours as to what software is installed on your computer, with no limitations or restrictions placed on that choice. How you choose to maximize the performance of your computer is entirely up to you.
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At 1:26 PM, Blogger ThatBlackGuy said...

Freespire is venturing into new territory an undiscovered country.They have cut out the middleman for almost all the Linux-compatible proprietary programs.A good thing in my opinion.They are just providing what current Windows users expect to have access to before even thinking about switching over to GNU/Linux.My goal at Inter-City Linux is to help build up the GNU/Linux user base for those of us who live in Urban America.
Windows VISTA is going to run many users away from MS. Freespire will show those "win" people that Linux can be a great alternative OS on their computers.


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