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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Changelog for CrossOver Linux/Games

Changelog for CrossOver Linux:

7.1.0 CrossOver Linux - October 22, 2008

* Outlook fixes:
o Restored use of the Rules and Alerts dialog
o Improved connectivity with Exchange servers
o Fixed installation of several custom versions of Outlook
o Improved copy and paste behavior
o Fixed 'reply all' behavior
o Improved printing
o Partial support for signed emails
o Fixed some address autocompleteion in Outlook 2007
o Fixed ability to create new contacts, appointments & tasks
o 2003 & 2007 now exit cleanly on the Mac
o Can now open recurring Calendar Items
* Application installation changes:
o Many more versions of Office 2007 (including Enterprise editions) now install properly.
o Office 2003 Service Pack 3 now installs.
o Office 2003 one-shot updates now apply.
o Several more versions of Office 2003 now install.
o MS Office language packs now install
o Visio 2003 sp3 now installs.
* Other fixes:
o Office 97 now works better.
o PowerPoint 2003 slide preview improved.
o Bidirectional text behavior is improved.
o Access 2002 reporting is improved.
o Improved Java behavior.
o Use the native FreeType library on Leopard systems.
o On Linux, add the ability to generate Debian bottle packages.
o Fixed a CrossOver installation error specific to Estonian locales.
o Fixed: Word 2003: Can't open Word doc, Out of Memory
o Pull-down menus now appear more than once (WordArt)
o Can now open Project 2007 files with Project 2003 (with the add-on installed)
o Rotating text boxes now works in the proper direction

Changelog for CrossOver Games:

CrossOver Games 7.1.0

The gamma control should behave better now. It doesn't change the gamma
on Macs to blue on application exit any longer

The death screen in Team Fortress 2 on radeon cards should be fixed now.
Also the G-Man intro is fixed on those cards

Reflective(environment-mapped) surfaces in Portal work now on Macs with
Geforce 8 cards

The Final Fantasy XI benchmark should run again. This was broken since
CrossOver Games 7.0.

Civilization 4 leader faces should render now on Macs

Fixed a texturing bug on the earth on the Civ4 main screen.

Half Life 2 should run again

Flickering objects in Guild Wars should be fixed

A bug causing crashes on certain CS:S and TF2 MOTDs is fixed

A few regressions in unsupported applications are fixed

About CodeWeavers:

CodeWeavers' mission is to transform Mac OS X and Linux into Windows®-compatible operating systems. By doing so, we provide a bridge to help users migrate from the Windows software world to these other environments. We do this primarily by making it possible to use Windows software on Mac OS X and Linux.

CodeWeavers is the leading corporate backer of the Wine Project. Wine is an open source software initiative that is systematically re-implementing the Win32 API under Unix. Wine makes it possible for PCs running Unix-based operating systems (like OS X and Linux) to run Windows application as if natively. We offer a range of Wine-based products offering cross-platform capabilities for both corporate environments as well as individual users.

We also use our expertise in Wine to provide professional services to our customers. We use Wine to port their applications directly to Linux or Mac OS X, or to create custom versions of Linux that support mission critical applications.

The world of Windows Applications is very large and diverse, and tracking the status of any given application with regards to Wine is a challenging task. To meet this challenge, we maintain the CodeWeavers CrossOver Compatibility Center, which provides a focal point for application information and tools to help ensure that all applications progress towards full compatibility.

The News page has the latest information on what we are working on.


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