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Thursday, September 02, 2010

So in 2010 we have a choice.

The last five years...

Much has happened. I started this site 5 years ago this month, to explain what GNU/Linux is. I have done my best in my small world to let others know there are choices out there and I will say here and now that those other choices don't fit everyones needs in all cases.

The people at Microsoft encourages people like you and me to think of open-source, its for nerds. A number of significant milestones were reached that promise to continue to move the systems ahead in 2011. I know that getting started with a new OS is a big adjustment. Yes it is true that Windows is the OS that is used by the majority populace in the United States. It comes preinstalled on most consumer brand PCs. In 1984, it was impossible to use a modern computer without installing a proprietary operating system. So in 2010 we have a choice. Gnu/Linux shouldn’t necessarily try to be the other the OSes and people new to it should come to it with open minds. You come to this grassroots os because you believe it to be better, but is disappointed. It is impossible for any thing to be better than something if its completely identical to it. A perfect copy can be equal, but can never surpass the first.

In fact I am posting this on a system running Linux Mint 9 a user-friendly version of GNU. I never found a need to buy a copy of window7. I know people will say I'm missing out, but what am I really missing out on?

Well its not face book or my space. Both sites run just fine on my system with fire fox. Its not buying music form an online store as Amazon mp3 meets those needs. Going to sites to like hulu the re-live my youth with classic programing? Well that works fine as well. I know some one will say, what about itunes 10? Yes what about it? Apple has chosen not to write a Gnu version. It is their choice and I guess 1-3% of the market their not going the bother with. Did you know the zune dose not work with OSX?

I never know who reads this web-log of mine. So just in case this shows up in some kind of Google search. I just want to remind everyone to go out and see the world. To that end, I don't mean my space or face book but the real world. People who have become disconnected from, or have had a inability to connect too, social activities are more likely to use and abuse the foundations of social networking. People seem so into their personal tech that they don't mind being interrupted from dinner, during a trip to the bathroom or even during sex. So don't forget there is a world out there.


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