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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 cost about 100.00 thses days. Most people will spend most of their time in Word, creating word-processing documents. These days it is essential for home computer users to be able to quickly and easily create great-looking documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and organize your notes and information in one place.

But does one have to have spend 100.00 for this. In today's economic times, that's a very big deal. If you downlode OpenOffice 3 you can yourself plenty of money. It has all the features you'd expect, but some very nice extras as well. With a single click, for example, you can bring up a gallery of backgrounds, bullets, and other graphical elements, and then embed them in your document.You can run it on anything: Macs, PCs, Linux, Unix workstations. It includes six full-blown applications: the Writer word processor, Calc spreadsheet, Impress presentations program, Base database program, Math equation editor, and Draw graphics program. And it doesn't cost a penny. Like other great open source projects such as Firefox, Open Office has support for extensions to allow you to tweak the software as you see fit. The Open Office Extension Repository is filled with everything from dictionaries to templates to file import wizards to code formatting tools.


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